Furniture designed to protect valuables from access, theft or misuse and enhance family safety.

Who We Are!

Covert Furniture is a small company seeking to fulfill the needs of savvy customers. We don't stock a warehouse of furniture. We are not full of ourselves. Our furniture is not "art". We really know how to make great furniture, and we're not even Amish. Each piece is made to order and given the attention only a small shop can render. We try to keep our costs as low as possible while still producing high quality, extremely desirable pieces. We encourage a careful comparison between our furniture and prices with those of similar manufacturers (view a comparison chart).
If you want furniture costing thousands and thousands of dollars, that's not us; however, if you want affordable quality, we sincerely believe our furniture offers the best value available today.
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Our Furniture is Designed to:

  • Conceal Valuables
  • Promote Preparedness
  • Enhance Safety
  • Facilitate Action in Emergencies
  • Empower Citizens in their Own Homes
  • Keep Dangerous Items Away from Children
  • Deny Bad Guys Access to Possessions
  • Keep Personal Items Private

Today's world is scary. Safety and security we once took for granted is no longer guaranteed.  The key to preventing tragedy and loss due to confrontation, crime, theft or violence is anticipation and forethought.
If it's predictable, it's preventable! That's why we're in this business -- to help YOU anticipate and  prepare for both the predictable and the unpredictable.

We’re Proud of our Products!

Covert Furniture was established in 2012 with the introduction of our chest of drawers. Since then we have shipped beautiful pieces to hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers. When you order, we build your furniture adhering to high quality standards and then finish it according to your specifications. Because we custom make each piece, it takes a couple of weeks, but your short wait will lead to a long term relationship with a great piece you'll be thrilled to own for years to come. All furniture is manufactured right here in the United States.
Finally; unlike other companies, we never reveal how to access the hidden compartments on the internet. We think it's foolish to promote hiding places and then publish a video showing the whole world how to access them.



The Gun Owner’s Dilemma!

Gun owners face a particular dilemma. We either lock up our guns making them difficult to get to in an emergency, or we make them easily accessible increasing likelihood of discovery by children, thieves or others.
Our Solution - We've designed furniture that allows you to keep your weapons concealed, but close at hand. Many of our customers think it's foolish to store all their guns in one place. They purchase our furniture to augment their existing gun safes. These pieces are NOT gun safes, but offer a discreet and effective alternative. 
Regardless of your personal feelings about guns, they are here to stay and must be handled and stored with respect.

Not just for gun owners!

Even if you don't own a gun, the secret compartments in our furniture are ideal for hiding jewelry, important papers, cash, electronics, medicines, credit cards and anything else you value. Unlike hidden compartment furniture available from other manufacturers, each of our compartments are accessible in seconds without any impediments or superfluous motions. You can't accidentally drop things into the compartments where retrieval becomes difficult. You never have to move or disturb anything sitting on top of your furniture to access the compartments. Even without  hidden compartments, each piece is a useful and worthy addition to any household estate.

What do our customers say?

We began selling furniture in 2012 and have received glowing feedback and many accolades over the years. Our customers seem to like us a lot and many return to order additional pieces and recommend us to their friends and family. Click here to read just a few comments.

What if something isn't right?

We perpetually strive to maintain our reputation for providing high quality products plus great customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our sincerest desire. If you're dissatisfied with any product, we'll do whatever we need to do to make it right.


Covert Furniture reserves the right to modify the design, features or finishes of our products in order to make improvements and/or facilitate the manufacturing process. This furniture is not intended to serve as a safe. Its value is in its covert nature. If anyone learns how to open the compartment, they will have access to the contents. All weapons should be stored using commonly recommended and recognized safety practices including trigger locks, unloaded chambers and activated safeties.  Covert Furniture accepts no liability for the use or misuse of any furniture we sell. All compartments lock with a mechanical latch. Magnetic and electronic RFID locks are available on some items for an additional charge.

IMPORTANT: Covert Furniture cannot warranty the color consistency on wood products, due to naturally occurring variations in grain patterns, textures, and hardness. *Pine, due to softness, is not warrantied against surface damage of any kind.

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