Magazine Rack with Hidden Compartment

That's right! One of my acquaintances told me about his buddy who has a gun hidden in every room except the bathroom. He was looking for a way to hide a pistol just in case he got caught with his pants down.

Well his search is over, and your search too! We have designed a cool magazine rack/book holder that mounts on your bathroom wall and offers quick access to a hand gun or other items you want to conceal. The hidden compartment is approximately 14" x 6" x 3" and can hold almost anything. Place magazines, newspaper and other reading materials in the slanted trays. Place thicker books, bottles or other items in the top rack. The compartment is accessed by releasing a hidden latch which allows the compartment to tip open granting access to your weapon or other items you've hidden. An optional toilet paper roll holder is also available for an additional cost.


  • Constructed of High quality Oak veneer plywood (No particle board)
  • A hidden compartment with room for a handgun (or other items)
  • Quick Access in emergency situations
  • Your choice of stains
  • Optional Toilet Paper Roll Holder
  • No assembly required


This magazine rack mounts on the wall wherever you need access to a handgun. It was designed to be installed in a bathroom, but it is ideal for motor homes, cabins, and offices.

Magrack 1

The Secret Compartment

We won't reveal how it works here, but when needed, just release the hidden latch and the magazine section tips forward granting access to the secret compartment.


Please Note: Covert Furniture reserves the right to modify the design, features or finishes of our products in order to make improvements and/or facilitate the manufacturing process. This furniture is not intended to serve as a safe. Its value is in its covert nature. If anyone learns how to open the compartment, they will have access to the contents. All weapons should be stored using commonly recommended and recognized safety practices including trigger locks, unloaded chambers and activated safeties.  Covert Furniture accepts no liability for the use or misuse of any furniture we sell. All compartments lock with a mechanical latch. Magnetic and electronic RFID locks are available on some items for an additional charge.


IMPORTANT: Covert Furniture cannot warranty the color consistency on wood products, due to naturally occurring variations in grain patterns, textures, and hardness. *Knotty pine, due to softness, is not warrantied against surface damage of any kind.

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