Magazine Table with a Hidden Compartment

This attractive and stylish magazine rack table is the perfect way to conceal items in your living or FS Mag Rack 10family room or anywhere you need a nice end table/magazine rack. It is 25" tall and features a 16" x 16" table top.
Stash magazines, newspapers and other reading materials in any of the four slanted side trays. The secret compartment is concealed beneath the top. It is approximately 10" x 6" x 2.5" deep and can hide a hand gun, a television remote or anything you might want to keep out of sight.
Instead of lifting the top or sliding the top forward like some end tables with hidden compartments, this compartment pops out from beneath the table giving you unfettered access without disturbing anything sitting on the table. It can be opened in a flash and locks up just as quickly when closing.


  • High quality 11 ply void-less Baltic birch plywood construction (No particle board)
  • Four side trays to store reading materials
  • A hidden compartment with room for a handgun
  • Quick Access in emergency situations
  • Attractive and complementary stain color scheme
  • Decorative wood dowel accents
  • Three coat lacquer finish
  • No assembly required
  • Delivered in unmarked packaging

The Secret CompartmentFS Mag Rack 4

Release a hidden latch and the secret compartment tips forward granting access to the contents. When finished, simply push the compartment back into place. It automatically locks until the next time you need it.

Watch the following short video to better understand how it functions and how it might serve your needs.

Please Note: Covert Furniture reserves the right to modify the design, features or finishes of our products in order to make improvements and/or facilitate the manufacturing process. This furniture is not intended to serve as a safe. Its value is in its covert nature. If anyone learns how to open the compartment, they will have access to the contents. All weapons should be stored using commonly recommended and recognized safety practices including trigger locks, unloaded chambers and activated safeties.  Covert Furniture accepts no liability for the use or misuse of any furniture we sell. All compartments lock with a mechanical latch. Magnetic and electronic RFID locks are available on some items for an additional charge.

FS MAg Rack 1

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