HYDE Medicine Cabinet with Hidden Compartments

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A medicine cabinet with secret compartments to keep your medications out of the hands of those you love, and those you don’t.

The HYDE Medicine Cabinet was designed to help you keep your prescription medications and other small personal items away from children, thieves or anyone else who might be inclined to take them.


What is it?Medicine Cabinet Full Front open 1

HYDE stands for Hide Your Drugs Everyday. The HYDE Medicine Cabinet offers everything a regular medicine cabinet does. It is a handsome, well made wooden cabinet with an art deco look that mounts on your wall and has a mirrored door and storage space with adjustable shelves for toiletries and other items. The HYDE Medicine Cabinet also harbors a clever secret.
It offers two locked and concealed compartments which appear as wooden columns on either side of the door to securely hide your prescription medications when not in use.

How does it work?Medicine Cabinet Full Front comps open

  • Mount the medicine cabinet on your wall.
  • Fill it with toiletries and other items you use often.
  • Open one of the hidden compartments using the secret method we reveal only to customers.
  • Adjust the moveable shelves to the height you want.
  • Place your prescription drug bottles on the shelves.
  • Close the compartment until it locks shut.
  • Your valuables are now safely locked up and hidden from sight! Next time you need your medications, unlock a compartment, take your dose and then lock it back up again. Simple! And though it is low tech, the locking mechanism is very clever and very difficult to detect and activate unless you know the secret.

SpecificationsMechanical Drawing

The HYDE Medicine Cabinet is 24” wide x 24” tall x 4.25” deep.
It features:

  • Solid oak and oak veneer plywood (no particle board).
  • Multiple stain color options.
  • High quality lacquer finish;
  • Solid Oak Frame Door;
  • Mirror;
  • Three adjustable shelves in the main cabinet.

The Secret CompartmentsMedicine Cabinet Full Front L Comp Open 2

The two secret compartments are made of solid oak and wood veneer on PVC. The hidden shelves pivot on pins at the top and bottom. Each hidden compartment comes with two  adjustable shelves which can be positioned anywhere within the compartment.

Why Did We Create the HYDE Medicine Cabinet?

Prescription medication misuse and abuse, specifically opioid abuse, has become a big problem in the United States. Newspapers, magazines, television reports and the internet are full of stories about addiction, crime and deaths associated with prescription medications and their role as a gateway to heroin and other illicit drugs. We thought if we could make people more aware of the vulnerability of prescription medications left sitting out and somehow limit people’s access, we might be able to have at least a small effect on the prescription drug problem; hence, the HYDE.

Who should own a HYDE Medicine Cabinet?

Anyone who has medications or other small items they want to hide and protect would benefit from owning a HYDE. This includes:

  • People who entertain in their home;
  • People who have roommates;
  • Homeowners who rent rooms through “Airbnb” or “VRBO”
  • People who utilize housekeepers;
  • People who must let maintenance, repair or service personnel into their homes;
  • Parents with young children;
  • Parents with teenagers;
  • Parents who hire teenagers to babysit their children;
  • Grandparents who tend grand kids;
  • Baby sitters who work from home;
  • RV owners
  • Owners of summer homes and cabins;
  • Business owners who take medications at the office;
  • People who unfortunately must associate or live with drug addicts;
  • Frequent travelers who must leave their houses unattended for long periods of time; and,
  • Homeowners who live in high crime areas.

The HYDE would also make a great gift for anyone who fits into any of the above categories.

Where can you install the HYDE Medicine Cabinet?

The HYDE comes fully assembled and is ready to install anywhere. It is a surface mount cabinet meaning it mounts on the surface of a wall. You can mount the HYDE medicine cabinet on any wall with at least 24” x 24” of space. It could be installed

  • In a bathroom,
  • Over a toilet,
  • In a bed room,
  • In a laundry room,
  • In a hallway,
  • In an entryway,
  • In a kitchen,
  • In an office, or
  • Behind a door.

The HYDE is perfect for mobile homes, travel trailers, summer homes and cabins. The HYDE can be installed either side up so your door swings right or left.

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Medicine Cabinet Full Front Closed

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